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Fast Master Reseller Hosting with unlimited reseller hosting accounts! ResellerMaster offers affordable Unlimited Master Reseller Web Hosting for all your websites!

  • MASTER -1
    10 ACCOUNT
    9.60 $ / MONTHLY
  • MASTER -2
    25 ACCOUNT
    15.60 $ / MONTHLY
  • MASTER -3
    30 ACCOUNT
    23.60 $ / MONTHLY
  • MASTER -4
    40 ACCOUNT
    29.60 $ / MONTHLY
  • MASTER -5
    50 ACCOUNT
    43.60 $ / MONTHLY
  • MASTER -6
    60 ACCOUNT
    53.60 $ / MONTHLY
  • MASTER -7
    63.60 $ / MONTHLY
Master Reseller Hosting allows you to sell Reseller accounts and cPanel accounts (Hosting). With our Master Reseller Hosting plans you can create your own multilevel reseller network easily as possible.
Choose the best Unlimited Master Reseller Hosting
Our Unlimited Master Reseller Hosting is the best in the market; it includes the best features, technology, speed and management tools and the highest security thanks to our security layers and firewalls, all at a price you won’t be able to resist.
Improve the speed of your sites up to 1000% by hosting your web pages and projects on ResellerMaster.
The best web design solutions
Create impressive websites in a few clicks and without any programming knowledge with our SitePad website builder and the Softaculous application installer, where you will find more than 500 scripts: CMS like WordPress, Joomla and PrestaShop (among many others). Discussion forums, personal blogs, micro blogs, online e-commerce stores, surveys, guestbooks, image galleries, educational tools, wikis, work solutions, mail applications… all the resources you can imagine are included for free in our plans.
reCaptcha cPGuard
At ResellerMaster safety is our top priority, that's why we have cPGuard reCaptcha protection in all our services. cPGuard reCaptcha acts if a visitor's IP address exceeds the POST threshold, protecting your website from unusual requests on WordPress, Joomla or XMLRPC login pages, redirecting the visitor to a Captcha page to ensure the requester is not a bot. Once the Captcha is verified, the visitor's IP address is released so they can continue to access the website. If the IP address continues to send traffic without verifying the Captcha, it is logged as an attack, blocking the IP address, blacklisting it to prevent future DDoS attacks and intrusion / brute force attempts.
WHMCS license included in the Deluxe plan
WHMCS is included at no extra charge for customers who purchase a Deluxe Reseller, Master Reseller, Alpha Reseller or Super Alpha Reseller plan. Buy your initial license for yourself or your customers at ResellerMaster for only 13.99€ per month, 4€ cheaper than buying the license on the official website. If you need to upgrade or buy a higher license, you can do it at any time.
All Features Hosting
    24/7 SUPPORT
What Is WHM?

WHM is an advanced cPanel interface that gives you more tools and capabilities than cPanel. WHM and cPanel work together seamlessly because they’re made by the same company, so you can focus on managing your clients’ sites and building your business. WHM access is free with ResellerMaster.NET Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server accounts. All these accounts give you access to basic WHM. Let’s look at what you can do with basic WHM. Then we’ll cover what VPS and Dedicated Server customers can do with root access WHM.

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ResellerMaster FAQ
What is Master Reseller Hosting?
Master Reseller Hosting plans are similar to Reseller Hosting plans. The difference is that with Master Reseller Hosting plans you can also sell Reseller accounts and cPanel accounts (Hosting). With our Master Reseller Hosting plans you can create your own multilevel reseller network easily as possible.
Unlimited and Deluxe plans are really Unlimited?
The Unlimited and Deluxe plans offer you unlimited disk space, monthly transfer, databases and emails. You will be able to upload all the content you need and you will not have to pay more for the traffic your website generates if you have many views. You must bear in mind that the web storage space included is exclusively for the purpose of hosting the files necessary for the operation of the web pages. It is not allowed to use this storage space to host personal files, backup copies or mass storage of files not related to the operation of the hosted pages (among others).
What does unlimited resources mean?
ResellerMaster is the only company that does not limit customer accounts in terms of space, web traffic, CPU, RAM, I/O usage, inodes and resources per cPanel at a very low cost. That means you will have the necessary resources to grow your business without fear of being suspended as with other providers.
Is it necessary to buy a domain with the plans?
It's not necessary to buy a domain name to hire a plan. You can work with your provider or transfer the domain to us.
I can customize the nameservers?
You can modify the nameservers of your domain from the management control panel of your domain provider.
Do the plans include unlimited transfer?
All plans include unlimited transfer.
What content can I host?
All services offered by ResellerMaster can only be used for lawful purposes. It is not allowed to host pornography under any circumstances, copyrighted content or any other type of content that violates our terms of service.
How long does is take to activate my account?
The activation of the plans is done once we receive the payment for the contracted service.
How do I setup my plan?
You can setup your plan with our extensive guide by clicking HERE.
What does the "Deluxe" plan include?
The Deluxe plan is our "Premium" product. It includes all the features of the "Unlimited" plan plus LVE Configurator (10,99€/m), WHMCS license (valued at 18€/m), dedicated IP (valued at 5€/m), Reverse PTR, ResellerMaster SEO Tools (10,99€/m), WordPress Toolkit Deluxe (valued at 5€/m) and Premium Lite Support. If you contract the plan in the annual cycle, we will give you a .com domain (valued at 13€/per year).
I can get a domain reseller account?
You can get a domain reseller account through WHMCS. Once you have installed WHMCS, you will be able to access the domain registrar module and select the provider you want to work with.
Can I choose a plan and change it for another one?
You can change your plan at any time.
Do you perform cPanel account migrations?
We perform cPanel account migrations under the following conditions: -. One migration is included with the basic assistance. For each additional account to be migrate, you will be billed 5€. -. In the Deluxe plans we include 10 cPanel migrations totally free. For each additional account to migrate, 3 € is billed. -. With contracted Premium Support, we include 5 free migrations per month. For each additional account to be migrated, 1.50€ is billed. You can contract PREMIUM SUPPORT for only 49€/m.
I can hire dedicated IP?
You can contract dedicated IP for you and your clients from the Client Area for 5€ per month.
What are the advantages of hiring a dedicated IP?
The benefits of having a dedicated IP are multiple: Maximize the personalization of the white label by contracting a dedicated IP for your Reseller account and thus configure the PTR reserve. With a dedicated IP, your reseller account and your clients' accounts will be assigned to the dedicated IP and not to the shared IP of the server where you are hosted. In addition, all emails from your reseller account and your clients' accounts will be delivered via the dedicated IP.
What does the Basic Support include?
All ResellerMaster plans come with basic support, limited to fix errors that may be caused by the service provided. This means that if due to a server malfunction your website or account does not work properly, support is assured and we will solve the issues. Basic support includes 1 initial cPanel migration. Basic support does not include migrations from WordPress or any other CMS, blog or discussion forum accounts; installing, configuring, creating or updating your content, templates, css styles, plugins, scripts or repairing errors on your site. As a client and before starting any software installation, code, plugin, script or theme, you must make sure to read all available documentation and view the requirements that you are asked. Remember that each software, CMS, plugin and theme has its own support service, use them. Basic Support includes: -. Assistance related to service issues -. Maximum waiting time: 24hrs -. 1 cPanel migration (5€ per additional account to be migrated)
What does Premium Support include?
Our Technical Support team is at your disposal to help you with your contracted Deluxe plan. Premium Support Lite offers you some of the advantages of Premium Support, including: priority VIP assistance with a 12 hour wait time on queries, choice of CMS installation (including WHMCS), WHM account setup and 10 cPanel migrations included (among other benefits). Premium Lite Support includes: -. Assistance with service related issues -. VIP priority assistance (maximum waiting time of 12 hours) -. Support by tickets, mail and discussion forum -. PREMIUM consultations limited to support: 30 annual consultations are included (by any of the specified contact channels) -. Choice of CMS installation, including WHMCS -. Jetbackup Restoration -. WHM account configuration for Reseller, Master, Alpha and Super Alpha services (list of functions, associated packages...) -. 10 cPanel migrations included -. Additional cPanel migrations at 3€ per account It's excluded from the Premium Support Lite: -. Installation of plugins and web page themes, cms, scripts or any other type of software. -. Intervention of errors in web pages, cms, scripts, plugins or any other type of software. -. Configuration of web pages, whmcs, cms, scripts, plugins or any other type of software. -. Updating or editing web pages, whmcs, cms, scripts, plugins or any other type of software. -. Customization of code or design of web pages, whmcs, cms, scripts, plugins or any other type of software. -. Exclusive support for the contracting account, no requests from your customers of your reseller account will be attended. NOTE: If any assistance is not included in the list, please consult with the support for your possible application. NOTE 2: Once the 30 annual Premium Support tickets are exceeded, the support received will be the basic version, keeping the rest of the Premium Lite Support benefits.
I can configure the resources of my plans?
You can configure and customize 100% of the cPanel packages and accounts you create. If you want to restrict any cPanel package or account by CPU, RAM, i/o, inodes, mysql... you can do it without any problem from the LVE configurator available at WHM. If you don't want to apply any resource restriction, just don't make any adjustment, leaving the default configuration. The LVE Resource Configurator by packages and accounts is included for free in the "Deluxe" plans.
Do you offer general promotions and discounts?
Throughout the year, we offer different promotions to make our service even more attractive. You can visit the Promotions section to check if there are any active discounts.
What are the payment methods?
The payment methods are as follows: -. Through PayPal: with PayPal balance, with credit/debit cards from major companies (Visa, MasterCard...) -. By bank transfer. If payments are made by bank transfer, the activation of the service may be delayed until we receive the payment.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?
In the Reseller services we do not admit refunds/returns of any kind, as well as in the available add-ons (dedicated IP, WHMCS license, premium support...)
What does "White Label" mean?
With "WHITE LABEL" we mean that the name ResellerMaster will not appear anywhere. Your customers will not know that you are a reseller of our services. You will be able to work with your own brand and create your business with total security.
Do you have tutorials or help guides?
Different tutorials, configuration guides and help of all kinds are available in our BLOG.
How is my account disk space distributed?
The disk space is distributed between your account and all your clients, so if you have a Basic or Advanced plan, you must take into account the available space when creating your plans and the maximum number of clients you will be able to host before running out of web space.
Are the SSL certificates for all my customers?
Let's Encrypt SSL certificates are for you and all your customers, with no limits on domains and subdomains.
I can create unlimited cPanel accounts?
Our plans include the creation of as many cPanel accounts as you want without any restrictions. Each plan includes a fixed number of accounts for free (available in the plan comparator). Once that limit is reached, you'll be charged 0.35€/m (tax included) for each additional account created in your reseller network.
I can purchase a separate WHMCS license?
If you want to contract a separate WHMCS license for yourself or your clients, you can do so for only 13.99€/m.
What is MagicSPAM PRO?
MagicSpam PRO is a powerful antispam software that is installed directly on the mail server and the cPanel control panel, and makes spam protection easy to use. Designed to protect users and domains, MagicSpam PRO is based on the same anti-spam technology used by ISPs and major telecommunications companies. You can configure the filters and protections in a personalized way from your cPanel.
My customers have access to MagicSPAM PRO?
Your customers will enjoy the general protection of MagicSPAM, but will not have access to the MagicSPAM PRO application on their cPanel to customize their settings. You can activate MagicSPAM PRO for your customers accounts for 15.99€/month.
Is it allowed to send Spam?
Spam is not allowed under any circumstances. Spamming is grounds for account suspension.
What is the maximum size of the mailboxes?
The maximum size of the mailboxes is 5GB. Once the mailbox reaches the space limit, it will stop sending and receiving mail until you clean the mailbox. Remember that the Hosting and Reseller plans are not oriented to the dedicated email service.
The service is compatible with CloudFlare?
All our Hosting and Reselle services are fully compatible with CloudFlare.
How often are backups performed with Jetbackup?
The backups through Jetbackup are made weekly, being Mondays at 00:00 when the task is executed. The backup is stored until the next backup. Backups are limited to 5GB. If your account exceeds that size, no backup will be made. You can upgrade the Jetbackup package to back up up to 50GB from the customer area - Addons.
Where are the servers located?
The servers are located in Germany (Europe).
What is your security level?
We have multiple levels of security, filters, antivirus and specific firewalls against all types of attacks, intrusion attempts or DDoS attacks.
What is your uptime?
Our uptime is 99.9%.
I still have doubts, how can I solve them?
If in our FAQ section you have not found the necessary answers to your questions, please open a ticket in the following link and we will answer you as soon as possible: